Colin’s d anniversary

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Today is the one year anniversary of Colin’s type 1 diabetes diagnosis. It caught us by surprise. But it hasn’t slowed us down!

I’ve written more about it over at T1 times 2.

Thanks to all who have supported us over the past few years as we’ve stepped into the diabetes world. Your prayers, concern and love have been a huge encouragement to us.


one year later

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Last year on this day our Aubrey was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

There is nothing she did to get this. It just happened. Her pancreas has stopped producing insulin that her body needs to regulate her blood sugar.

And so what that means is insulin injections. At least 4x a day currently.

She has good days. She has not-so-good days.

Most times she has no problem with the finger pricks and needles and injections. Other times, she’s just not a fan.

But oh how brave she is.

She has lived this past year with life, with zeal, with enthusiasm, with joy.

Sure she wishes she didn’t have diabetes. And at least once every couple of weeks she asks me if they’ve found a cure yet.

But for 7 years old, I think she has handled it amazingly.

And that makes me one proud dad!

world diabetes day

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Today is World Diabetes Day. As you may already know, diabetes is something that has changed our lives over the past year. I’ll write more later this week about that as we near the one year mark of Aubrey’s diagnosis.

Diabetes is an chronic, auto-immune disease that affects nearly 24 million Americans. Of that, as many as three million have type 1 diabetes, which is Aubrey’s diagnosis.

We have great hope for a cure. Tons of research is going into finding a cure for diabetes. Our doctors are confident that a cure will be found during Aubrey’s lifetime. And we’re praying for it to be even sooner than that!

There are lots of ways for you to get involved in the fight against diabetes. JDRF or the American Diabetes Associate are great places to start.

Do you have or do you know someone that has diabetes? Let us know in the comments below…and we can join together to fight for a cure.

jdrf walk – team bortmess

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thanks so much to all who helped us raise over $1200 for our first time with the JDRF Walk for a Cure! we had a great day as a family and supported a great organization that has been an encouragement and help to us over this past year.

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on my mind

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it’s Friday…and here’s what’s on my mind.

  • it’s Walk to Cure Diabetes weekend! We’re walking in St Louis to benefit JDRF and the fight against diabetes. We’d love for you support our team. You can donate here.
  • leaving Monday for a couple of days in Cincinnati for NACC meetings. looking forward to catching up with a few really good friends while I’m there.
  • then moving on to ATL to attend Catalyst. Last year was amazing! Really looking forward to experiencing this with our ministry staff.
  • planning to attend the Bloggers’ Meetup on Wednesday night. met some great people last year.
  • for sure will have some Chic-fil-a and Five Guys while we’re there!
  • sure would love to have an iPad for the trip. if anyone wants to gift one, I’d gladly accept!
  • we’ve been laughing at Improv Everywhere clips all week. this one has been a favorite…happy Friday!

team bortmess & the JDRF walk

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The Bortmess family is walking in the JDRF Walk To Cure on October 3rd in St Louis!

It was last November that Aubrey was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Already she has has endured more than 1400 fingerpricks and 1000 insulin injections. She will be insulin dependent for the rest of her life.

There is good news though… It’s very possible that Aubrey will see a cure to this disease in her lifetime. JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) is leading the way in research to find a cure to Type 1 diabetes. But it takes money to fund that research…and so we’re doing our part to help the cause.

We would love for you to partner with us to help find a cure:

  • You can join our family team…Team Bortmess! We’d love for you to walk with us on Oct 3 in St Louis. If you’re interested, email me and I’ll let you know what to do.
  • You can make a donation and help us reach our family goal of $1000.

Aubrey is an amazing, brave little girl. Diabetes has not stopped her from enjoying every moment of life. And as her dad, I want her to be able to enjoy a long and healthy life.

And so we walk. And we walk closer to the cure. Thanks for joining us!

jdrf fundraiser this weekend

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just wanted to let all the local folks know about the JDRF fundraiser happening this Saturday here in Rochester.

3:00-7:00 pm at the St. Jude Parish Center at 633 S. Walnut St.

Silent auction, raffles, games, prizes, food, face painting and lots of fun!

Obviously this is a cause that is dear to us… They are closer and closer to an artificial pancreas so any financial support to JDRF helps to advance that testing even more.

a mother’s promise…

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I saw this today on the site. A poem dedicated to the mom’s of diabetic children.

While we aren’t needing to check Aubrey during the night-time right now, I recognize that Lynda gives so much time, energy, thought, prayers and tears as we manage Aubrey’s diabetes. So this one is for Lynda. Happy Mother’s Day!

A Mom’s Promise…

She walks down the hallway in silence so deep,

Keeping watch over him, as her little one sleeps.

With meter in hand, she opens his door,

Making sure not to wake him as she crosses the floor.

She sits on his bedside and brushes his hair,

As he dreams of shooting baskets, without a ‘D’ care.

She holds his hand softly; his fingers so small,

As she watches and wonders why ‘D’ came to call.

While she watches him sleeping, so peaceful and warm,

The forces inside him fight a constant ‘D’ storm.

Will he ever be free of shots and blood testing?

She sits and she wonders as she watches him resting.

The beep of the meter breaks the silence of the night,

A small drop of blood tells if everything’s right.

The seconds count down to the final display,

I hate this d*** meter; I want to throw it away.

The number is fine, one down, a lifetime to go,

As he turns in his sleep, will he ever know?

Why does this ‘D’ happen to someone so small?

My son is my hero, but my baby most of all.

She turns at his doorway, looking back one more time,

It’s a nightly routine of the very worst kind.

She walks down the hallway and time passes by,

As she sits in dark silence and quietly cries.

I have to stay strong, and for him I will fight,

We’ll battle this ‘D’ with all of our might.

I’ll teach him to master and conquer this foe,

This ‘D’ will not stop him, I promised him so.

Gary, 2001,

follow up from St Louis trip

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We had a great visit with Aubrey’s new endocrinologist in St Louis yesterday. While I hate this disease and the fact that Aubrey will have to deal with this for the rest of her life, I am thankful that we have found a great endocrinology practice to manage her diabetes and support us through this. I think we found a good fit!

Thanks for the prayers…

heading to St Louis tomorrow

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Tomorrow we’ll be at Children’s Hospital for a visit with a pediatric endocrinologist. Aubrey has had great care here in Springfield — but there aren’t any pediatric endocrinologists here. So they are sending us down to St Louis for a consult…and perhaps for this to become her regular doc. We’ve heard really great things about their program. We’re hoping and praying that this will be a good fit for her. Prayers for Aubrey are always welcomed!