project: RCC entryway graphics


Front Porch Creative recently completed some environmental graphics for Rochester Christian Church’s entryways, communicating their four-part process of Love, Grow, Serve & Go.

click on an image to see a larger version.

flashback: why I do what I do


was reading some of my old posts and came upon this one from two years ago. Still rings true for me today…and I thought it deserved a re-post.

Over nine years ago I entered a world that would change the way I view and carry out my ministry life. You see, I had gotten comfortable in church. I was used to the ‘stand up, sit down’ routine of Sunday mornings. I was fluent in church-talk and Christian-ese. I cared more about what those inside the church thought about what we were doing than those outside the church. Quite frankly, I had forgotten that the whole purpose of church is for those who don’t belong.

Nine years ago I entered into the church planting world…and that changed how I think about Sunday mornings and everything we do in the church. It radically changed why I do what I do.

Why do I do what I do? Because people matter to God. Because people who are far from God matter to God. And for too long, we have let church become something for those who are ‘saved’ rather than a way to introduce those outside the church to meet Jesus.

And so I believe, and am convicted, that everything we do in our weekend worship services should help to bridge that gap between God and those who are far from Him. The music we play and sing…it needs to sound like, or at least close to, something they would listen to everyday in their car. The words we use…they need to make sense and not be full of unfamiliar church words. The clothes we wear…they need to express who we are as individuals because God doesn’t care what we wear…He just wants us to worship Him. The interactions and conversations we have…they need to be genuine and not rushed…people matter to God and they need to matter to us.

I desire for church to be a comfortable, inviting and safe place where people can come and explore a relationship with God and feel like they don’t stick out or aren’t welcome. A place where people can come just as they are. And a place where those who call it home can grow and minister and feel excited about bringing their friends. And I believe that’s what God wants it to be too.

my dream comes to life…

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I’ve mentioned that I’m a part of Dream Year

my dream has been to help the local church make great first impressions, specifically as it relates to graphic design and branding…

for the past several months I have been coached by Ben Arment to help my dream become a reality…

I’ve been dying to share my dream with you…

so here it goes!


Front Porch Creative