LEGO weinermobile

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love this!

via Bruce Lowell

project: RCC entryway graphics


Front Porch Creative recently completed some environmental graphics for Rochester Christian Church’s entryways, communicating their four-part process of Love, Grow, Serve & Go.

click on an image to see a larger version.

thursday collection


enjoying the creative graphics I’m seeing as churches are announcing their Christmas Eve services.

via Eastview Christian, Northview Church, Daybreak, Manchester Christian, Fellowship Church, Park Church, Cross Point, Harbor of Hope Christian, Central Christian

friday on my mind…

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these are a few of the things that are on my mind this friday…

  • I had to have a root canal on Thursday. not too bad but I’m not anxious to do that again anytime soon!
  • it was fun to see so many people check out A Few Things I Like this week. Just a fun site I started during November.
  • I’m excited that Front Porch Creative is working on some projects with Inner City Mission and Rochester Christian Church.
  • maybe it’s me, but the Subway commercials with the office workers with kids voices is just weird.
  • Ethan, one of our 4 year olds, is in love with the Christmas lights. He gets more excited with each home in our neighborhood that is decked out.
  • started our Advent countdown with the kids that includes a devotional time and then the Playmobil Advent Calendar.
  • Christmas music is in full-swing in my iTunes. Enjoying Amy Petty and She & Him. Still need to get Hillsong Christmas. What’s on your Christmas playlist?

advent collection


I love the series of images that The Orchard Community is using for their Christmas series this year. Here is a sampling.

via Scott Hodge.


what have you seen that inspires you this Advent?

Cure Apparel

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I’ve been searching for some interesting graphic designs with a diabetes theme – they’re hard to come by.

But I did stumble across Cure Apparel. They make some great tees to promote awareness of diabetes and the need for a cure

my page

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a while back I created an landing page. it’s the one stop place to connect people to my facebook, twitter, instagram, blogs and Front Porch Creative. it was super easy to set up and customize to my tastes.

check it out at

and while you’re there, sign up and set up your own page. and then comment with your page so I can check it out!


*disclosure: i’m a BzzAgent. while this is an campaign that I’m participating thru BzzAgent, I had my page long before I joined the campaign. 

2012 olympic posters unveiled


The posters for the 2012 London Olympics were recently unveiled. I love the variety of designs that were contributed by some of the UK’s leading designers. See the collection here.