the last day of November

diabetes, family, life

it’s the end of November.

and with it, we are two years in with Aubrey and her type 1 diabetes diagnosis. six months for her older brother, Colin.

I know more about T1 that I ever dreamed I would. two of my children have an illness I knew very little about. it’s definitely been a learning experience.

each day is a new adventure. we learn more. we make adjustments. and we help them live as close to a normal life as possible.

I can say that I am so proud of both of them. they are rock stars. they each handle this disease with incredible bravery.

they say we are closer each day to a cure. and with that I am hopeful. and prayerful. for my two kiddos…and the many others out there that live with T1 each and every moment of their days.

this is the last post for diabetes awareness month. to learn more about type 1 diabetes and how you can help find a cure, visit JDRF.


2 thoughts on “the last day of November

  1. Matt – thanks for your blog. I have been a Type 1 diabetic since age 12 (I’m now 50). The greatest and most revolutionary change in my treatment has been the insulin pump. Back when I knew you in Bellevue, I was on shots and had terrible control (who knows how many years of my life were destroyed from age 12 to early 40s!). But the pump has certainly made vast improvements in my control. Now if I can stop eating sweets! That’s one of my dangers – “I have a pump, so I can deal with that cinnamon roll or that candy bar…”

    The Lord is still working – despite my eating habits. I am pastor of a church in Plattsmouth, Nebraska which we started in 1998. Great to see your stuff. Tell your kids to keep diligent – they can and will live a nice long and productive life!

    1. I didn’t remember that you were type 1, Mike. So glad to hear about your pump. Aubrey got her pump earlier this year and it’s made all the difference in her management. And great to hear about the church!

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