A Few Things I Like

books, interests, music

I like stuff. I’m always reading about the latest gadgets, technology, music, books and lots of other random things. Often I tell Lynda about the latest thing out there…she politely shows some interest, but I know she doesn’t share my excitement.

Most of these things I never get to buy…mainly because I’m not made of money and I’ve got 4 kids!

Others I’m able to buy over time and use regularly. And I love sharing my new finds with my friends.

So last month I began a new blog called A Few Things I Like. It’s a collection of the things I’m using as well as the things I’m reading about that interest me. And you’re my friends…so I’m sharing it with you.

Take a peek. Bookmark it. And please share with the nerdy people like me you have in your life.

And who knows, you may find a great Christmas gift for someone special on your list!


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