a day in the life of a T1 parent

diabetes, life

wake up to the alarm. go and wake the kids to get ready for school.

pack lunch for T1 3rd grader. fill out lunch journal listing the food packed for lunch along with carb counts so the school nurse can figure how much insulin to deliver.

lunch money for T1 5th grader. fill out lunch journal for school lunch menu with carb counts so a different school nurse can figure how much insulin to deliver.

make breakfast for the kids. make sure they check their blood sugar 1st. rush. the 4 year old twins want breakfast too. rush some more. the bus is coming. oops, need to give them insulin.

big kids are off to school. twins heading to preschool for the morning.

time to run to the grocery store to stock up on juice boxes and 15 gram snacks to take to both schools for their classroom diabetes kits. pick up the twins.

lunch. field a call from the 3rd grade nurse. blood sugar was high. she ate all her lunch. nurse wants to double check insulin dosage. 4.5, that’s right.

afternoon to do some laundry and pick up the house while the twins make more messes.

almost time for school to be over. call from 5th grade nurse. he’s low. gave a snack and a juice but still low. not sure if he should go on the bus. let’s re-check in a while.

20 minutes later, nurse calls back. blood sugar is up to normal range. he’ll be coming on the bus.

another call from the 3rd grad nurse. she is borderline. they will send her on the bus with an emergency snack just in case.

they’re home. and hungry. two 15 gram carb snacks coming right up. help with homework. send out to play.

dinner. check the blood sugars. eat. bolus.

baths. site change for the 3rd grader with the insulin pump. prep the materials. place it on the bum. ouch, that one hurt. tears.

bedtime snack. but first, check those blood sugars one last time.

bed. give 5th grader his long-acting insulin injection.

back to the laundry because it didn’t get folded.

5th grader appears in the living room. can’t sleep. feels shaky. check blood sugar yet again. he’s low. one more snack. back to bed.

one more attempt at folding the laundry.

glass of wine. realize that tomorrow is coming quickly. time for bed. need some sleep to do this all again.

kiss to my wife. head on my pillow. smile on my face.

thankful. hopeful. prayerful.


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