november is diabetes awareness month

diabetes, family

The month of November is diabetes awareness month. And with two of our four children living with type 1 diabetes, I want to see a cure. Through the work of JDRF and the ADA, great research is taking place…and many believe a cure will be seen in my kids lifetime.

Diabetes affects our family every single day. It’s 24/7 for us. But we have learned how to manage it…and our kids have too. They do amazingly well handling it each day. This is one proud dad of his two T1 kids.

So what is one thing you can do today to help? Simple. It’s easy. Sign the online petition to let the FDA know that the Artificial Pancreas is the closest thing we have to a cure at this time. And it could save countless lives. I’d love to know if you sign it. Let me know in the comments below.

I’m going to share more throughout the month about how diabetes touches our family each day.

Now go and sign that petition!


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