friday on my mind

diabetes, family, interests, life

just a few things on my mind from this past week…

  • received this amazing piece in the mail this week about Joplin MO. Great job OCC!
  • Colin was at church camp this week. Tuesday had a heat index of 109°. He had a great time despite the heat. Much better at it than I am!
  • did I mention that Lynda went to camp also? Was staff, teaching, leading a family group and dorm mom. Also to help Colin manage his diabetes — first time at camp post diagnosis.
  • ordered the BookBook for my iPhone… I can already tell I’m going to love it.
  • listening to the new Mat Kearney album. I love his stuff.
  • been thinking about how i’m going to set up my home office. learned of these egg crates from Sam. may need some.
  • recently got my first iPad (i’m usually a much earlier adopter than this!). got my basic apps loaded. what else do I need?
what’s on your mind this Friday?

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