on my mind

books, family, interests, life

– our family is once again adjusting to what life throws at us. Colin was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes on May 19th. He joins his little sister . We’re praying for a cure.

– the kids are out of school and summer has begun. miss those days of having a three month break to do nothing!

– with summer, I’m hoping to catch up on my growing stack of books to read. Want to pick up a copy of Kyle Idleman’s new book, Not a Fan. What are you reading this summer?

– digging the design re-fresh of our local Panera Bread Co. This is my place to get away and write and create. Problem is I want something from the bakery any time I come.

– cannot believe this crazy weather. A tornado in Massachusetts? Not something I ever thought I’d see when we lived there.

– Joplin MO is dear to my heart. This is where I went to college and met my wife, and where my inlaws live. Cannot believe the destruction that took place there. It’s going to be a long road ahead. The city and its people continue to be on my mind. Thankful for what this church is doing there.

what’s on your mind this Friday afternoon?


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