back at it…

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so I took a hiatus from the blog. it wasn’t planned. it just happened. but it’s been good.

i know there are so many good blogs out there…I read many of them. and you do too. maybe you even have your own. and there are posts I mark in my Gruml reader for future reference because the post was powerful or really spoke to me. or I simply really liked it.

I read one of those today. Brian Jones wrote this powerful piece, reminding me of the truth of Galatians 6:9. And so I share his post with you.

Now it’s your turn… what’s a blog post you’ve written over the past few months that was your favorite? Or one that you read on someone else’s blog that really spoke to you?

come on. share ’em… I want to see the good stuff out there!


5 thoughts on “back at it…

  1. OK… here are some of my favorite blogs (you shouldn’t have asked!):

    These two I contribute to:

    There is NOTHING deep about those blogs, but I have no idea what fashion is so the first one helps me there. The second is just a cool wedding blog.

    Here are some others with more content:
    John Emery’s blog
    Jon Acuff’s SCL
    Fit This Girl! (Focus on fitness & faith)

    Those are some of my favorites. 🙂

    1. Thanks Danielle for sharing some favorites. Some of those are on my list… well, not the wedding one, but..
      Now, how about one of YOUR posts that is a favorite?!

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