one year later

diabetes, family

Last year on this day our Aubrey was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

There is nothing she did to get this. It just happened. Her pancreas has stopped producing insulin that her body needs to regulate her blood sugar.

And so what that means is insulin injections. At least 4x a day currently.

She has good days. She has not-so-good days.

Most times she has no problem with the finger pricks and needles and injections. Other times, she’s just not a fan.

But oh how brave she is.

She has lived this past year with life, with zeal, with enthusiasm, with joy.

Sure she wishes she didn’t have diabetes. And at least once every couple of weeks she asks me if they’ve found a cure yet.

But for 7 years old, I think she has handled it amazingly.

And that makes me one proud dad!


4 thoughts on “one year later

  1. Hey Matt, Sorry to hear about Aubrey. Not sure if you have heard of a group called Insulindependence, but a friend of mine from college isd an active member and says they do remarkable things. Thought it was worth mentioning to you. My best to you and your family as you cope with this unfortunate condition.

  2. From one dad to another, it is always good to see a dad loving his child during hard times. It felt weird to click “Like” on this yesterday, because I don’t “like” that Aubrey has diabetes, but I do like how she knows her dad is proud of her!

    By the way, I like your blog-style too…love the theme…where have I seen that? Haha.

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