ethan’s playlist

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Ethan likes music.

he enjoys it best when riding in his car seat.

and he likes it loud.

his favorite genre: ‘daddy’s’ music

otherwise known as worship music.

here are his top 3 favorites to listen to while riding in our swagger wagon.

North Point Live – Awake

he and Addison like to sing along with many of these. we’ve even heard them singing these while playing outside on their tricycles.

Matt Redman – We Shall Not Be Shaken

this one has some more mellow stuff on it. but still Ethan likes it loud!

Hillsong – A Beautiful Exchange

a fairly new one for Ethan but it’s starting to enter the rotation.

so there you have it: ethan’s pick for worship.


and feel free to invite Ethan over for a listen.

he’s quick to let you know if the volume isn’t loud enough for him.


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