on my mind

diabetes, family, interests, life

it’s Friday…and here’s what’s on my mind.

  • it’s Walk to Cure Diabetes weekend! We’re walking in St Louis to benefit JDRF and the fight against diabetes. We’d love for you support our team. You can donate here.
  • leaving Monday for a couple of days in Cincinnati for NACC meetings. looking forward to catching up with a few really good friends while I’m there.
  • then moving on to ATL to attend Catalyst. Last year was amazing! Really looking forward to experiencing this with our ministry staff.
  • planning to attend the Bloggers’ Meetup on Wednesday night. met some great people last year.
  • for sure will have some Chic-fil-a and Five Guys while we’re there!
  • sure would love to have an iPad for the trip. if anyone wants to gift one, I’d gladly accept!
  • we’ve been laughing at Improv Everywhere clips all week. this one has been a favorite…happy Friday!

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