highlight reel: STORY

interests, life, ministry

it’s been 4 days since returning from STORYchicago and I still can’t quit thinking about all I experienced. here are the highlights…

  • holographic technology is wicked cool.
  • blaine hogan is one cool dude. powerful opening monologue. so glad I had the chance to visit with him.
  • it was refreshing and inspiring to hear a new mix of voices. the speakers at this year’s event were unfamiliar to me…and I loved that. still processing so much that I heard.
  • met a ton of really great people…many of them volunteering their time to make STORY the event it was.
  • hot dog carts filled with candy and throw-back coke & root beer! loved that!
  • loved hearing Kari Jobe – she sang my favorites of her songs. also got to meet her in my hotel elevator!.
  • discovered Sons & Daughters – trust me, you’ll want to download their stuff (free song on their site).
  • loved having a chance to showcase Front Porch Creative. it was great to connect with a lot of people attending.
  • my fellow Dream Year members are an amazing bunch. God’s doing some great stuff through each of them. so great to get to hang with them for a couple of days.
  • Park Community Church is a great church! loved their space…and really love their vision for and commitment to the city of Chicago. thanks for hosting us for two powerful days!
  • thankful to get to connect with 3 dear friends from college that I hadn’t seen in probably 10 years. dinner outdoors in Old Town. great memories!
  • Chicago is a great city. glad to have gotten my city-fix for a few days!

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