just reach out


it’s been ridiculously hot here lately. I guess not that unusual but I really have become a wimp when it comes to the heat and humidity.

so the other day we went for a swim. Ethan & Addison have mastered the art of swimming this summer. And their favorite thing to do is to jump in from the side of the pool.

Addison wanted to jump out to me. She would tell me where to stand so she could jump out and swim to me. But she always had me standing in the shallow end.

I decided to take a few steps back into the deeper water so she’d have to swim just a bit further to get to me.

she jumped in and began swimming to me… she was doing great.

and then she started to panic. I said, “just reach out and grab my hands.” That’s all she had to do…just reach out and she would be safe in my arms.

how many times do we do that with God? He’s right there, reaching out his arms toward us ready to receive us… but we panic and give up when all we had to do was reach out to him.

as I reassured Addie, “I’m here…just reach out and grab my hands,” she finally did. And I brought her close to me and hugged her and praised her.

and then we did it all over again!


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