nacc reflections…


returned earlier today from a great week at the North American Christian Convention in Indianapolis. For those of you that don’t know, the NACC is the yearly gathering of the independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ…the tribe to which I belong.

As I’m sitting here thinking about what I experienced, these are the things that come to mind…

  • The biggest highlight: enjoying the week with my 9 year old son Colin. He loves going to the NACC! We had a great time together…he went to some of the kids sessions, tagged along to a couple of main sessions, walked the exhibit hall together…he even talked me in to taking him to the 10:05 pm showing of The Last Airbender last night! What a fun memory for me to get to spend this week with him!
  • Loved hearing from some great communicators…these are some that I personally got to take in: Efrem Smith, Dick Alexander, Francis Chan, Paul Williams, Rick Warren, Gene Appel and my great friend Toney Salva. I was encouraged, inspired, challenged and emotionally moved by what they shared…thankful for the NACC bringing such talented and gifted speakers together in one week.
  • Got to catch up with some old friends. That’s probably one of the things I look forward to most with each year’s NACC…catching up at the exhibits, the OCC reception, in the hallways and over meals. I was a bit disappointed that more of my colleagues and friends didn’t or weren’t able to attend this year’s convention. I would like to see that change in the future…we need this convention to get a bit ‘younger’ (no offense to the older folks attending…just want to see more of my contemporaries there too!). So if you’re one of my friends and you weren’t there this year…make plans to attend next year’s in Cincinnati!

I appreciate the NACC. It’s not a perfect convention/conference…none are. But it is an important gathering for our movement of churches as we gather together for encouragement and teaching. And the reminder this year that God wants to stretch us beyond our current way of doing life and ministry was just what I needed to hear.

Thanks to Ben Cachiaras and the team that led this year’s conference. It was a great week!


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