NACC – Efrem Smith


I missed the opening of the NACC last night but got in today just in time for Efrem Smith‘s session. I hadn’t heard him speak before today. And wow…what a great message he gave.

He used Matthew 9 as his text as he shared “Beyond Racial Zone: Building the Beloved Church.” I’m going to post my notes at the end of this post… but what stood out to me the most was that each of us has a role in what God is doing in our ever changing, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic world.

You don’t have to become a missionary overseas to make disciples of all nations because all nations have come to us.

Living in a more rural community now (rural compared to living in a metro area of 8 million people), I sometimes think I have no opportunities to reach people different than me. But as he pointed out, our culture is changing and opportunities are all around us. We can reach all nations by simply walking out our front doors!

I could have listened to him a little bit longer… he even mentioned that he was just getting going! A great start for my NACC experience!

  • Matthew 28: 16- 20
  • We are living in an ever increasing multi-ethnic, multi-cultural world – in urban, suburban and rural areas
  • We may not know what to do with this increasing challenge…but God isn’t surprised.
  • God desires to use you in a significant way to advance his kingdom in an ever increasing multi-ethnic, multi-cultural world.
  • Your life, your world, your church can play a role in this mission.
  • You don’t have to become a missionary overseas to make disciples of all nations because all nations have come to us.
  • If we’re going to go beyond racial zones, advance the kingdom…we have to understand we don’t have the power to do this.
  • It takes intimacy with God, identity in Christ and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that equips and empowers us to impact a multi-cultural world.
  • We struggle in our own power to love people who look like us!
  • Ask God to prepare you for the church you shall be based on the changes taking place in your community.
  • TVs today are in full color. Why aren’t churches is full color?
  • If we’re going to be on the cutting edge of missions, we can’t afford to be a 4 channel, black and white television.
  • Change your church from black and white to full color.
  • Matthew 9:1-7 – biblical connection between evangelism and compassion, mercy & justice.
  • If the church loses its passion for evangelism, it is no longer the church
  • Matthew 9:9-13 – Jesus steps into the gap of economic divisions.
  • Matthew 9:18-26
  • Through Jesus Christ, diversity gaps are filled.
  • Matthew 9:35-38
  • Stop praying about what God is going to do with this crazy world.
  • Allow God to use you to step into that and advance the kingdom of God.
  • God can use you to advance the kingdom, to cross cultures, races, socio-economic barriers.
  • No room for prejudices and ignorance.
  • Compassion and mercy and justice and transformation must live in us.
  • Matthew 1 – genealogy is so powerful
  • All people: rich, poor, scandalous, pagan people, cursed people, all cultures…all are in the blood line of Jesus
  • That was multi-cultural, multi-racial blood flowing from the hands and feet and side of Jesus.
  • All of us were flowing through him!
  • All of him is in all of you!
  • Jump into this diverse world…and don’t stay on the ground just because you don’t know where you’re going to land.

2 thoughts on “NACC – Efrem Smith

  1. Not to take away from any of the other speakers at the NACC, but Efrem’s message was the best so far! I could have listened to him all day too! Not bad for an Irish guy!

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