get away to Virginia Beach

family, ministry

A couple of weekends ago, Lynda and I got away for a few nights in Virginia Beach. With a one-day conference to attend we decided to tack on a couple extra nights to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. We would have loved to return to Bermuda but not this year!  Dave Ramsey would have been proud with how cheaply we were able to take a cash-only vacation!

While there, we attended the Whiteboard Sessions. A great one-day blank-slate conference. 7 speakers from a variety of backgrounds sharing some wisdom with a room full of church leaders. Great stuff! I think my biggest take away was to be who God created me to be. I am to be Matt Bortmess…no one else. Always need that reminder when I start comparing myself to others…

The highlight (besides getting some down-time on the beach with Lynda!) was the Dream Year reception the night before the conference. (More on MY Dream Year in a post this weekend). Ben Arment has an amazing group of dreamers together…some ideas that are literally going to change the world. Was so encouraged by our conversations…and feel privileged to be a part this group of dreamers! Go ahead, click that link up there…some cool stuff!

The rest of the time was spent lounging, eating, relaxing, catching up with our old college/MA-transplant friend, Jeff, and taking walks on the beach with Lynda!

Grateful for the time away… and to get to celebrate our 15 years!


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