wish I could take pictures like this

family, friends, life

Last week we had a friend from Massachusetts come out to visit. When she’s here, Lynda just hands her the camera and let’s her go to town. Amanda captured some great shots of the kids. Enjoy…

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4 thoughts on “wish I could take pictures like this

  1. They were all so great! I just had to comment to say I especially appreciated the pictures with the Dandelions… as Tj & I were just discussing the fact that our yard looks much the same… dandelions. So now I don’t feel so bad. I’m going to print one out, blow it up and show it around to my neighbors…”See, see other people also have dandelions.. and their kids like to play among them!” Ha ha of course… I’m just kidding.

  2. Lynda, you have beautiful children….(Matt, you do too…you just don’t know me!) Sorry you have to deal with the diabetes thing, one of Kathy’s boys turned up diabetic when he was like 13…… I know it presents it challenges! Anyway…I enjoyed the pictures!

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