forgot our camera for Easter!


It was a bit crazy for our family this Easter…at least crazier than most Sunday mornings! Lynda was singing on the worship team… That meant making plans for the kids this morning so Lynda could be at church by 7:30 for our 3 services.

  • Aubrey went to our friend Emily’s house for the morning…Lynda made a quick run between services to give Aubrey her breakfast insulin dose.
  • Ethan & Addison stayed at our house with Grandma B…until it was time for church. Cousin Elise came and picked them up to bring them over.
  • Colin came to all 3 services this morning…up bright and early and I think he really had a good time. He even got to hang out in the sound booth!

So when it came time to head to my brother’s family’s house for brunch, we realized we didn’t have our camera.

I got a few pics on my iPhone… Thankfully my sister-in-law took some pics. I’ll have to get those from her sometime…


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