what I’m listening to… Hanneke Cassel

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When we lived in Massachusetts, we had the joy of knowing Hanneke Cassel.. She can play the fiddle like no one I know — although that’s not saying too much because I don’t know that many fiddle players.

So maybe her touring schedule that takes her all around the world is more a testimony to how good of a musician she is!

Today I downloaded her latest offering, For Reasons Unseen. And my take…amazing. inspiring. energizing. mesmerizing. beautiful.

It’s my background music today while I work. And it’s making me happy!


One thought on “what I’m listening to… Hanneke Cassel

  1. What a joy it was to see Hanneke and get to talk with her while she was in Joplin. She is definitely a true musician and delightful to listen to. She’s very entertaining.

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