jdrf family retreat in STL

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This past weekend we attended our first JDRF Family Retreat. Lynda’s parents came up from Joplin and stayed with the twins while Lynda and I took Aubrey and Colin to the St Louis Millennium Hotel for 24 hours of fun.

Aubrey and Colin went to the children’s activities while Lynda and I attended the parent sessions discussing various topics related to diabetes and diabetes research. Their weekend was filled with fun times: laughter, face painting, magicians, jugglers, pool time. And we received the encouragement of conversations with other parents who are walking in our shoes. I learned a ton…and really see hope for Aubrey as they continue to learn more about this disease and get closer to a cure.

With this being relatively new for us (just since November), we weren’t very familiar with JDRF. But coming away from this weekend, I believe in the work of JDRF and will look for various ways to support and promote this very important organization. I love that they did this for us as a family…the kids are already talking about going back next year.

Visit the JDRF website to learn how you can support the cure for Type 1 Diabetes.


7 thoughts on “jdrf family retreat in STL

  1. I am so glad you enjoyed your time at the Millennium Hotel this past weekend. If you come back to St. Louis, please think of us again for your hotel needs. We have great family packages! We would love to hear your feedback on TripAdvisor! Sincerely, Amy Zentgraf – Marketing Manager, Millennium Hotel

  2. Thanks so much for your comments about the JDRF Family Retreat. I have a daughter who has been living with diabetes for 11 years and I remember how important it was for my family to meet others like us, especially when Kelly was first diagnosed and we were adjusting to major life changes for Kelly and our family. There are a lot of people out there working hard to find a cure for our children through the JDRF. Thanks a ton for your support. Ally Klein, Retreat Planner, JDRF

  3. I volunteered to work in the 4-7 year olds group and I must say that the face painting was a total hit with the kids! Let Lynda’s parents know that the Springfield, MO JDRF Walk To Cure Diabetes is Saturday, May 22, 2010 at Jordan Valley Park in Springfield. It’s just a short drive from Joplin. All of the money raised at that Walk goes to the St. Louis JDRF chapter.

    Glad you had a good time at the St. Louis family retreat!

  4. Matt…what a great and thoughtful experience you shared of your attendance at our 7th annual JDRF Family Retreat. I contacted the editors of the State Journal Register Newspaper…if you hear from them…pls. let me know. Your comments were warm and wise and encouraging to so many other families with a new diagnosis. Sanda…JDRF Public Relations Metro Saint louis/Greater Missouri Chapter (314) 729-1848 X 15

  5. Thank you for being supportive of our fantastic staff and volunteers. It is with love of family that keeps us motivated. Anytime we can help you further, just contact us. After all you’ve joined a club of very passionate people ready to stop diabetes in its tracks. After 12 years of being at JDRF as exectutive director, I still get excited when a family feels good about the work we do. Look forward to seeing you at other family events and the Walk.

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