fun with dad’s old phone…

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It was a relatively normal weekday morning. Colin & Aubrey were at school. Our friend Karen was here visiting from Massachusetts. Lynda was doing routine things around the house. The twins were playing in Ethan’s bedroom having a great time, laughing and playing. Then it was naptime.

As Lynda was coming out from putting them down, she and Karen noticed that there was a police cruiser sitting outside our house. He wasn’t moving…and seemed to be looking for someone or something. As she began to see him walk up our driveway, Lynda met him at the door.

“Is there something wrong?”

“A 911 phone call was made from a cell phone in this area. We aren’t able to pinpoint it exactly but we can tell that it is coming from this street. Do you know if anyone is home at any of these other houses?”

Lynda talked with him for a bit. He mentioned that they tried to call the phone back but couldn’t reach anyone. And that the call was made 3 times. He asked if anyone had called from her phone… Both she and Karen checked their phones just to make sure nothing was accidentally dialed. Nothing.

The policeman left and Lynda and Karen were talking about how weird that was. And then…lightbulb.

“Do you think that E & A could have dialed 911 from that old phone of Matt’s?”

The kids had been playing with that my old Centro phone all week… taking pictures, playing with some of the apps. But it didn’t have a sim card and the phone wasn’t operative — except to make “Emergency Calls.”

Who knew that to make an emergency call from a non-operating cell phone, you don’t have to dial 911. You just have to hit the green send button!

And sure enough…3 sent Emergency Calls showed up on the phone.

Lynda ended up calling the police department. They had to come and take a report. Asked if they could talk to the kids…”um, they’re 3 and taking naps right now!” He accepted that and then went on his way.

And so a lesson was learned. We’ve now made sure that none of our old cell phones have batteries in them. And I’m just waiting to see if we get a nice little fine in the mail for 3 fraudulent 911 calls!


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