what a year…2009

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The end of another year of my life brings me to look back and reflect on all that has taken place this past year. Here is a look at the highlights of 2009, my last year in my 30s…

  • Started the new year with a father/son weekend in Chicago with Colin. Highlights were Shedd Aquarium and the indoor pool at the hotel!
  • Both Colin & Ethan had ENT surguries
  • Participated in LCC’s mission chapel service with good friends, both old and new
  • Lego Discovery Centre in Chicago with the kids
  • Our wonderful and talented friend Amy Petty stopped in to play at RCC worship services in June. What a treat!
  • NYC trip to visit and encourage our friends at Church of the Incarnation
  • Spent a few days in Louisville at the NACC and got to hang with great friends
  • Got to meet some of the amazing guys from Visioneering and Plain Joe Studios… love what they do.
  • Headed up to the Orchard Community Church for a day of Killing Cockroaches…great church and great speaker.
  • Spent an evening catching up with old friends from my EIU days. Such fun…
  • Finally got my iPhone!
  • Family vacation to Massachusetts via Pennsylvania to visit family and NYC on way back to visit the Storms clan
  • Lobster rolls and clam chowder in York ME!
  • Lots of beach time…something we don’t get in IL.
  • A new school year…for the kids and for me as I continued working on my master’s program
  • H1N1 — a week in bed. Thankfully no one else in our house got it!
  • Then several days of bronchitis as I mended from the flu.
  • Attended Catalyst in Atlanta…first time. Amazing.
  • Had to have Sadie, our Mini-Schnauzer, put to sleep…she was a great dog and we miss her.
  • Lynda and I got away to Harbor of Hope’s 10th birthday. So great to see our good friends and celebrate the first 10 years.
  • Learned our sweet Aubrey has type 1 diabetes. It has been a learning experience for us, to say the least.
  • Finished my most challenging and time consuming class so far in my grad program. And I ended it proudly with a B.
  • Learned I was chosen to be a part of Ben Arment‘s Dream Year in 2010. Super excited about this!
  • Christmas with both sides of our family here in Rochester.

Looking forward to a new year…and not so much to turning 40. Happy New Year!


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