what was I thinking?

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At midnight on thanksgiving night, I along with a thousand other people decided that the doorbuster bargains at our local ToysRUs were too good to pass up. Now let me make it clear: I am not one who does this kind of stuff. I tend to spend time at the front of the store looking at the new products, not at the back rumaging through the bargain sale rack…not that there’s anything wrong with that!

Well this was an experience like no other. These people are serious…and honestly they scared me just q little bit. Don’t try to cut through a line of a mom with a cart full of bargains on her way to the check out line. She might crush you underneath her cart.

The good news is that I survived. In the end I stood in lines outside and inside the store for over an hour and a half and only ended up with one of the items I went in for. And all that to save $10. Obviously I’m an amateur!


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