what’s up with our family…

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that’s my Aubrey. Six years old…1st Grader…freckle-faced…a snuggler…lover of lip gloss…artist.

This week we discovered that Aubrey has Type 1 Diabetes. It has totally rocked our world.

Aubrey is good…we caught it early and have already begun to treat it with daily insulin injections. But it was just this thing dropped on us, and we don’t really know much about it.

So we’re learning. And our doctor’s office has been extremely helpful, encouraging and informative.

She is doing amazing with all of it… the 4x a day finger pokes to check her blood glucose level. The 1x a day insulin injection. The doctors visits. The education on diabetes. The new routine at home and at school. Everything…she is taking it all in stride.

And so I can add another descriptor to my list above:



8 thoughts on “what’s up with our family…

  1. Will pray for Aubrey…and you…as you make some fairly significant changes in your lifestyles to accomodate the diabetes. I was diagnosed at 65!, not Aubrey’s young age; but it’s no fun for anyone. She and I will be able to compare numbers, drugs, and insulin levels…gives us a whole new sense of being family! Love to each of you, JH

  2. Matt, I was so impressed with her maturity on Wednesday night as she explained it to me and some of her friends. She is such a beautiful girl – inside and out!

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