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I’m a self-confessed tv addict. I have always loved television. Each fall I eagerly await the new series that will premiere that season. This fall I was excited for Flash Forward… and boy has it lived up to that excitement.

The premise of the show is that for 2 minutes and 17 seconds, all of the world blacked out. This of course had profound and tragic effects. But what the story is centering on is the fact that every person had a ‘flash forward’ and saw a glimpse of themselves six months in the future. For some it was a nice picture. For others is was quite disturbing. And as they piece these pictures together, they are searching for the cause/person responsible for the black outs.

I’m finding myself looking forward to the show each week…how they are unveiling things, how the flash forwards are beginning to unfold. And the question that is repeated over and over is: are you able to change the outcome of the flash-forward you saw?

Makes me think… if I were able to see six months in the future, what would I change right now that I’m doing…or not doing. Am I living each day to become the person that I want to be?


One thought on “flash forward

  1. Leigh and I watched the first 2 of these and loved it!!! I am DVR’ing the entire season and plan on watching it at a later date. It looks really good!

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