a mighty wind…

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That’s my grill…and two deck chairs…and a bench of our Little Tike’s picnic table.

That’s what happened when a huge wind (or something of the sort) came through late Friday night/Saturday morning. We were just heading to bed when this huge thunderstorm was approaching… the lighting was amazing as it was off in the distance. But then we heard this horrible noise…and this is what I found. It lifted our grill off of our deck (and trust me…this ain’t not wimpy grill) as well as everything else on our deck and tossed it into our yard and outside our fence.

Just another summer night in the midwest!

Here’s another view of what we awoke to Saturday morning…

side yard


One thought on “a mighty wind…

  1. Is the grill okay?????? i am not worried about the littly tykes picinic table or the fence or if anyone was hurt, but that is a mambajamba of a grill, i hope it still works!!

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