the power of story

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In the Heights

There is a lot of talk about ‘story’ right now. In fact, there is a one day conference coming up this fall called Story.

While we were in NYC, Lynda and I took one night to celebrate our wedding anniversary and go out to a show. We ended up seeing In the Heights, which won last year’s Tony for best musical. And after seeing it, I can see why. What an amazing show.

As I watched it, I was in total awe of how someone can craft such a creative piece…weaving three stories together to tell one story. The music was memorable…the characters endearing…the story compelling. Just an amazing show. Even now, several days later, I’m still thinking about it, remembering lines and songs.

It reminds me how important the message we communicate each week in our churches truly is. We have the role of sharing the most important story ever told.

So my question is: Are we telling it in a way that stays with people long after they leave our doors?


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