nyc with the incarnation team

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We had a great long weekend with the team (and our good friends) of Church of the Incarnation, a new church planting this fall on the upper west side of Manhattan. As we got to hang with the team (Jared & Stephanie Witt and Rhesa Storms — Jonathan & Jubi Williams will be joining the team soon), we were able to get a real sense of what they are doing and what COTI is going to look like. I was able to help them think through some marketing and facility stuff… but more importantly, we were just able to encourage and support them as they are planning their launch. I remember those months leading up to us starting Harbor of Hope… it was sometimes lonely, sometimes discouraging and, many times, overwhelming. So I think it was a perfect trip for us to make.

Here is a pic from our last night there when we all got to go out for dinner at a great place in the city… It was so good to be with such good friends. We miss them…and are praying for them as they prepare for their launch.

coti team


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