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I think I could make a living being a professional conference attender… there are so many out there I would like to attend. Hoping to maybe take in a few of these…

  • Killing Cockroaches tour — I read Tony Morgan’s book earlier in the year and it was great (I posted a review here). He’s taking the show on the road this summer and is making a stop up in Aurora at The Orchard. I’ve wanted to make a trip up there for the past year to see what Scott Hodge and team have up there. I’d get to kill two birds with one stone.
  • Cultivate Conference 09 — In October, Chicago will be home to the Cultivate Conference. This will be a gathering of some of the most creative people in the ministry world. It looks like a thought-provoking learning experience.
  • Story — the next day, Ben Arment’s two day experience will be held outside Chicago in Aurora. I attended his Whiteboard Sessions last year and met some great people. This promises to be another great gathering.
  • Catalyst — in the fall, Atlanta is the place to be. I’ve wanted to attend Catalyst the past few years but it just hasn’t happened. Hoping to make it this year.

So sign me up… I’m ready to become Matt Bortmess, Full-time Conference-attender.


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