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So this is a random post. I use Everyman Jack products each day…face scrub, face wash, shaving cream, face lotion. What can I say…I like my grooming products! Well tonight I signed up for their Everyman Jack contest…mainly because I’ll get a coupon for a free product. So not only do I like my grooming products…I like free stuff too. Later this summer, they will have voting for the winner…who will get a year’s worth of products. I’ll send you there then to vote for me!


One thought on “everyman jack

  1. Please vote for me. I’m a wildcard contestant. I wasn’t hand-picked by corporate like the other guys. I play video games, watch scifi, love pinball, eat nachos, and hate george lucas for ruining my childhood memories. I have a little family including my new wife and dog, Karma. I’m an “Every Man” for the common folks…


    Please vote for me, Marc M from San Jose (1st row, 2nd column). There is no registration required. It is just clickedy-click click.



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