Sadie, the wonder dog

family, life

Sadie turned 11 years old this year…she’s been with us in 3 states! She’s been a great dog… but this past month, she’s just not been herself. Sleeping a ton, getting sick a lot and leaving surprises on the carpet for us to discover when we come home. We finally decided she needed to go the vet to see what was going on.

Last week, we discovered the problem. After a series of x-rays, a foreign object was seen in her stomach. We weren’t sure what it could be…maybe a baby pacifier? Or a plastic popsicle stick. Whatever it was, it was in the way and causing lots of issues.

So last Friday, Sadie went in for an endoscopy to retrieve the object. And here’s what we found.


We have NO idea what this little toy bear is…we’ve never seen it. We have no idea where it came from. And how in the world was she able to swallow it whole? I’m still amazed they were able to bring it back out too… All we no is she somehow ate it, and it was the source for all the issues.

So, Sadie is fine…she’s got her spunk back. And we’re keeping an eye on her…who knows what she’ll eat next!


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