trips coming up…

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I’m really excited about some family plans that are coming together for our summer. I know that May is going to fly by with soccer, baseball and all the end of school stuff. Here’s what we have on tap for our summer…

  • In June, Lynda and I will be heading to New York City to spend a mini-Mission Trip weekend with our friends, Jared & Stephanie Witt. They are planting a new church this fall, and we’re going out to help them with pre-launch stuff in any way we can.
  • The end of June we’ll head to Louisville, KY for the NACC. This is always a great time to catch up with old friends and re-energize for ministry. We’re especially excited as the Storms family will be there too…our kids can’t wait!
  • Our last trip will be our family vacation to New England at the beginning of August! We are so looking forward to visiting with our friends from Harbor of Hope. It will have been a year on July 1 since we left, so this visit will be good for our souls!

How about you…any fun plans in store for your summer?


3 thoughts on “trips coming up…

  1. Plans for the summer?? i am still counting down for school to be out. Then I have to keep my house clean for the rat pack to come, that will be a feat in itself!! Can’t wait to see you guys!!

  2. yay!!! you’re coming to new england?!!! we would love to connect with you guys while you are here if you have time! when in august are you coming?

    1. Most definitely! We’ll be there the first several days of August…still figuring out exact dates. You guys are coming our way for a wedding soon, yes?!

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