having fun with a Sharpie marker

family, life

Addison was ‘taking’ a nap last week. At least that’s what we thought. In actuality, she had gotten out of her bed and into the closet…where Amanda’s suitcase was sitting. Inside that suitcase were some Sharpie markers. Oh, the fun she had as she drew on the walls, the baseboard, the bedroom window and herself. She’s so creative!!!


One thought on “having fun with a Sharpie marker

  1. Nathan totally did that once, too. In his ears and belly button. All over his baby sister, who he shared a room with for a while. He was quite proud of himself. He also smeared Desitin all over himself and his room once. That was tough because that stuff is intended to be waterproof which makes it very hard to wash off. Fun times…

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