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Now, I’ve been known to be a bit cynical when it comes to Christian culture. I guess that’s why I so enjoy reading Stuff Christians Like. When I walk into a Christian bookstore, I usually scoff at all the ‘stuff’ that, ironically, is not usually books but somehow always is at the front of the bookstore.

So I can say that I surprised even myself this past week when I made my way out to the local Christian store to pick up an item I had heard about for several years but always seemed to dismiss as corny.

This week in our staff devotions, we talked about preparing ourselves and our families for Easter. The whole month of December we sing songs and tell the story of Christmas in preparation for that day. But when it comes to Easter, most of us don’t sing the Easter songs or really prepare ourselves all that much for the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. And I have to admit that I have done very little to prepare my kids to celebrate and understand what Easter is all about…

So that night, the kids and I headed out in the van and purchased something known as Resurrection Eggs. And you know what, it has been an amazing experience for our family. Each night, as we put Aubrey and Colin to bed, we are opening an egg and reading the Easter story. And they are LOVING it. Even before dinner, they are asking what the egg for that night will contain. There is anticipation and excitement as they learn and recount what they already know. And it’s blowing me away!

So I’ve been thinking…from this day on, maybe I’ll stop making fun of the stuff they sell at the Christian bookstores…maybe.


5 thoughts on “preparing for Easter

  1. Thanks for the thoughts, Matt. Helen and the CHCC choir working on “Sovereign Lord” to present for the Easter season has been very rewarding as it drew attention to Easter weeks before it arrived. Great preparation!!

  2. We did our Resurrection Eggs tonight. After several years, the kids still can’t WAIT to open the empty egg. Sweet Anne bawled and bawled at the leather strap representing the lashes Jesus received. She has such a soft heart. Amazing.

  3. LOVE the Resurrection Eggs…..even betteris the Miss Pattycake video (2002-ish) based on the eggs….makes me cry every time the little kids sing,
    “Jesus said yes, Jesus said yes, Jesus said yes to the Father…
    so I can say yes, I can say yes, I can say yes to him too”

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