simple church revealed


The staff and elders at RCC are reading Simple Church together with the hopes and plans that it will encourage us to evaluate what we do…and then make some changes. I really excited about it and I see great things coming from this self-study of our church.

We’re also getting ready to go thru Willow’s REVEAL self-assessment. Each member and  attender in our church will have the opportunity to go online and walk through a survey to assess our processes for growth.

I’m really encouraged by these steps the leadership is taking in the effort of refining what we do. I truly believe in the ‘simple’ idea. I like simple.I like simple things. Heck, I even like to read Real Simple magazine!  I think simple makes most sense. I would rather concentrate on a few things and do those really well than spread things thin and do a mediocre job.

So I’m excited to see the results of REVEAL and to make our way through Simple Church. I think God has some good things in store for RCC.


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