Today I took a day away from the office for personal study. I always enjoy these days away… don’t always get to take them each month, but that’s my fault. I need to be diligent to carve out a day each month to get away from the office, the phone, email, decisions, crisis…to just read and reflect and pray and journal and plan…

Today was one of those days. I spent my day reading… I’ve got a tall stack of books I want to get through and today was I able to knock out one of those. I read Tony Morgan’s Killing Cockroaches today (you can read my review in my last post). It provided some great thoughts for me to wrestle through… I can see some pretty long journal entries from my thoughts from that book.

Days like today re-energize and re-fuel me… gives me creativity and ideas and stretches me in ways the normal, day-to-day routine can’t. I came away from today refreshed and ready for what lies ahead for the next thirty days. So I’m thankful for days like today. And I’ll look forward to my time next month…

How about you? What do you do to re-fuel?


2 thoughts on “re-fuel…

    1. Glad you stopped by Michael… i hope things are going well for you too. Maybe we’ll run into one another sometime now that I’m back in the heartland!

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