Book review – Killing Cockroaches

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I recently read Tony Morgan’s newest book, Killing Cockroaches: And Other Scattered Musings on Leadership. It was a great read…one I’d recommend to anyone in leadership in the church.

Here’s a reveiw of the book I posted on

Killing Cockroaches is Tony Morgan at his best. These quick snippets of wisdom allow the reader to gain a glimpse of the heart and mind of Tony. Real life examples of leaders in the trenches who are making the hard decisions of what to say ‘no’ to are an added bonus to Tony’s ideas.

The book is filled with leadership principles that can be put in place immediately. Tony helps us as leaders to give some serious thought as to what we need to give our full attention to and those things that need to be delegated out to others.

Written with a conversational feel, each leadership idea (which is creatively presented in alphabetical order) is enough for some serious thought and consideration. In fact, many of them could be used as leadership exercises for a staff team…something I intend to do with the staff I lead.

Killing Cockroaches is a must read for any pastor or leader who wants to take his or her leadership to a higher level of effectiveness.


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