we’ve got a working toilet again!


and the cause of the back-up? one baby-doll bottle that Addison got for her birthday. And that $2.99 bottle from ToysRUs now has cost us $217.99


Now the question remains: was it Addison or Ethan who shoved in down the toilet and flushed?!!! I guess we’ll never know!


2 thoughts on “we’ve got a working toilet again!

  1. Ok, this is what I think. One of them aimed it down the toilet while the other hit the handle to send it off to “sea”. Then they might have ran to the other two bathrooms to see if if showed up there if truely hit the Atlantic. Don’t worry about the cost Matt, just think of it as an early prom dress for Addie.

  2. Oh man! That’s awesome! Well, not really since it cost you over $200…but it sure will be a great story to tell some day.

    As a dad of 2 girls, I’ve had my fair share of plugged toilets from stuff being flushed down. Fortunately nothing that has required professional plumbing assistance yet. 🙂

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