praying for our friends


Our friends Todd & Gretchen Magruder left on Friday for Ethiopia. They are adopting a six-year old girl and are there to bring her home. We are so excited for them…and are praying for them now.

You can read their story on Gretchen’s blog. I went to Eastern Illinois with Todd & Gretchen…after school, they moved to Springfield area and now live in Rochester. It’s been fun to get to work alongside them here at RCC after so many years.

If you have a moment, offer up a prayer for their growing family.


2 thoughts on “praying for our friends

  1. Hi Matt! You are going to think this is crazy, but this is Stefany Head (used to be Stefany Wert) from Joplin! You are probably thinking, “How did she find my blog?” Well, Nathan and I are also adopting from Ethiopia and using the same agency as Gretchen and her family. So, through keeping up with her journey, I just ran across your post! Amazing! Just wanted to say hello! Feel free to check out our blog from here!

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