who are you????


ok…so I’ll admit it. I check my stats on my blog…frequently. I want to see if anyone besides my mother-in-law reads this thing!!!

so go ahead… leave a comment and let me know who you are. I’m just dying to know!!!


8 thoughts on “who are you????

  1. if you leave a message on the blog, that then “outs” me and i then am no longer a “blog stalker”…. I stalk often.

  2. Hey Matt. I stop in every now and then. I’m not very consistent, but enjoy catching up from time to time. Like the new look, too.

  3. Hi Matt! I read your blog…love seeing the pictures of the kiddos and hearing your unique perspective on things! Hope to see your sometime soon!

  4. I just found your blog today. I am amazed by your Lego genius \bows to Matt/. I write about the same things, so stop by sometime. I’m not as good with the pics….I gotta get better.

  5. Hey Matt,
    I read every post. It’s through bloglines though. I don’t know if you counter picks up the Bloglines readers.


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