the best place to play


we’ve had an eventful week in our home. Ethan learned how to climb out of his crib… well, it’s probably more like climb over and drop out of his crib. We’ve also had ongoing fights with a fascination with the bathrooms. So much so that our hallway bathroom toilet is clogged…most likely with one of the twins new birthday toys: a artic sled dog. We’re awaiting the plumber’s return to either get it out or replace the toilet…that’s how bad it’s wedged inside!

So when Lynda caught them playing in the bathroom sink during their birthday party, we decided to catch them in the act as evidence. I just don’t understand why the bathroom is such a fun place to ‘play.’

bathroom sink fun


One thought on “the best place to play

  1. Of course I look at your blog – this is the way I get to see all your great pictures, like THIS ONE! What in the world do you think they are “thinkin” when they drop stuff down the stool – like “look at ‘er go’….I know they are going to be great cute scientists.

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