A weekend away

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Colin and I had a boys’ getaway this weekend. To mark my 39th birthday (yes…39!), and to mark Colin turning 8 in December, I secretly packed his bag and told him to get his shoes on for us to go somewhere. As we pulled out of our neighborhood, I told him that he and I were going on a getaway to Chicago. He was pumped!

I booked a room at a Holiday Inn (remember the Holidome?! They still have one outside of Chicago). What says ‘weekend getaway’ more than an indoor pool!? So for the first day we played in the pool and went out for dinner…and then played in the pool again.

On Saturday we were off to the Shedd Aquarium. I realized as we were there that I have never been to Shedd before. It was amazing… and Colin had a great time. After 4 hours of the aquarium, we headed back for some pool time. Then a movie (Bedtime Stories — loved it!), dinner at White Castle (I said this was a boys’ weekend!) and then more time at the pool.

Sunday was started with a dip in the pool…and after lunch at Ikea (Colin’s choice – he loves the Swedish meatballs), we headed back home.

We had a great weekend. I am so proud of Colin…he is a special boy – tenderhearted, caring, compassionate, adventurous, loves to laugh, and full of joy.

I want to do my best to be a great dad – instilling virtues, equipping him for manhood and discipling him in his relationship with Jesus. I see this as just the start to a yearly getaway I will take with him…and will take with each of my kids as they get older.


4 thoughts on “A weekend away

  1. ok, you are probably like who the heck is this?? but i noticed your name on Gretchen Magruder’s blog. anywho, i am barbie water’s sister (she and tj use to go the church in lowell, ma) anywho…we are adopting from ethiopia as well, hence the connection with Gretchen, and your name caught my eye. anyway….have a great week!

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