What a year…

family, life, ministry

With 2008 coming to an end, I couldn’t help but reflect back on all that has happened to us over this past year. It was filled with both excitement and sadness as we moved and relocated to a new ministry. It provided lots of opportunities for our family to laugh and play. And it gave us much to be thankful for. Here are some highlights…

  • Week-long family vacation in Florida
  • Experienced Disney World and Animal Kingdom with the kids
  • Worked a day as an extra in a new Ricky Gervais/Jennifer Garner movie
  • Harbor of Hope participated in One Prayer with thousands of other churches
  • With Lynda, had the opportunity to baptize her co-worker & friend, Robin
  • Went to NYC with the kids — love to play in the city!
  • Attended the Whiteboard Sessions in Reston, VA – got to hear and meet some great pastors
  • Aubrey’s pre-school graduation
  • Took the ferry out to the Boston Harbor Islands for the kids to play
  • Reconnected with a good friend
  • Got to lead worship with my great friends, John & Billy, one last time
  • Said good-bye to our friends at Harbor of Hope with two great send-off parties
  • Said good-bye to our home where we brought all four of our newborn children home to
  • Attended my 20th high school reunion
  • Drove from Lowell to Rochester with Lynda and our dog Sadie
  • Saw Niagara Falls for the first time
  • Began new job at RCC – Sr Associate Minister
  • Packed all of our belongings in a storage unit
  • Flew back to Boston for a Sojourn Collegiate board meeting
  • Sold our house in Lowell
  • Bought a house in Rochester
  • Unpacked all of our belonging from the storage unit
  • Kids started 2nd grade & kindergarten in a new school
  • Our good friend Karen came to visit us from MA
  • Saw Little Big Town & Carrie Underwood in concert
  • Traveled to Louisville KY for meetings — got to hang with Brent Storms & Toney Salva
  • More friends from MA (Amanda & Caroline) came to visit
  • Joined a great small group
  • Ate Thanksgiving lunch with Colin at school
  • Went to Joplin MO for Thanksgiving — first time at Lynda’s parents in several years
  • Still using my $50 Circle K gift card given from my Harbor of Hope friends for 69¢ diet coke purchases
  • Staff Christmas party at our house
  • Staff “elfing-yourself” for the weekend service
  • Christmas in our new home and with almost all of our family (Eddie couldn’t come home)

I’m filled with gratitude as I write these words…and I look forward to what God has in store for us in ’09.

(Thanks to Mark Batterson for this idea!)


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