My kids are from New England!

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Tonight Aubrey was to have her Kindergarten Holiday program. We were getting ready, Aubrey was all ready and dressed in her fun Christmas outfit…even let her mom pull her hair back. And then we got a phone call… the school program was cancelled. Cancelled due to the weather.

The weather.

So instead of going to the concert, Lynda ran an errand, and Aubrey and Colin went with her.

In the car, Colin says, “Mom, they canceled the program? There’s only about an inch of snow on the ground.” Aubrey then chimes in, “Yeah, why would they cancel the program with only one inch of snow on the ground?!”

And that’s when we realized, our kids are from New England. It’s going to take two feet of snow to slow them down!

We’re not in New England anymore…


2 thoughts on “My kids are from New England!

  1. oh i miss you guys! we just shoveled like 10 inches today and there’s more coming your post made me chuckle. and then it made me miss you guys! hope you are having a great christmas!

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