Ethan’s exciting Wednesday


So Ethan…our little guy who is just so dang curious about how things work…can not get enough of opening and closing things. Well on Wednesday, as Lynda was trying to get Addison in the house as quickly as possible, Ethan managed to start closing the auto van door…and got his thumb caught in the door. It ended up causing some damage…ripping the thumbnail and cutting into the nail bed. Let’s say he wasn’t a happy camper.

So after some time trying to get it to stop bleeding, Lynda ended up deciding to take him in to the dr’s office just to check it out. They then sent them to the hospital for a plastic surgeon to take a look at it. And all the while, Ethan, with his black-and-blue swollen stub of a thumb, just wanted to play with the remote control in the er room…because after all, it is electronic…and how does that thing work anyway?

We just marvel at his pain tolerance. Cuz I think if it were me, and my thumb looked like his does, I’d be curled up in a ball in the fetal position crying out for my mom!!!

In the end, he did just fine. No surgery needed…and he doesn’t really seem to care much about it. For sure, though, he doesn’t want to keep a bandage on it…he just takes it off 2 minutes after it’s put on!


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