the Horseshoe meal


Lynda had her first Horseshoe. It’s a Springfield original (and I’m not sure it’s anywhere else!). Toasted bread on the bottom, choice of meat (I had hamburger, Lynda had grilled chicken), a white cheese sauce and then covered with french fries. Sounds completely unhealthy…but oh, it tastes good!


6 thoughts on “the Horseshoe meal

  1. Matt,
    Saw these Horseshoe thingies on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives on the Food Network and seriously thought “We’re gonna have to go visit Matt and Lynda so we can get those!”….

  2. AGH! I can’t believe we missed the first horseshoe!! where did you take her?? I agree that Darcy’s is one of the best, but I want to check out Lake Pointe Grill, too….

  3. These are great!!!!!!!!!! At our yearly family reunion the gang from Illinois served these to about 50 family members.
    What a treat and experience to share while camping outdoors.

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