Eat less Taco Bell


If you look further down my blog you’ll notice I was once a part of something on Carlos Whitaker’s site called RagamuffinTop Challenge — a weight loss group. Each week we were to report our progress and attempt at shedding a few pounds. I gave it a strong start…but once we moved, I got dropped off the bandwagon. Just too crazy, I guess.

And so now, as we enter into fall, I’m feeling the need and the desire to drop a few pounds. One thing I have really enjoyed over the past few years is regularly scheduled exercise (running/jogging/walking/eliptical machining). In addition to being exercise, it also is a time for me to clear my head, think and even brainstorm. And it has helped me keep off those pounds. So I’ve decided this week I’m going to seek out a gym to join here. Mainly because if I pay for a membership, I’m inclined to exercise.

So you can help keep me accountable. Ask me once in a while if I’ve gone to the gym…and if I’m eating less Taco Bell!


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