3rd day of school – TGIF!


After a shaky start to day two of school (we all overslept and the kids ended up not making their bus so Lynda had to take them in to school), we were hoping for a better morning today. We all got up in time…but Aubrey decided she didn’t want to go to school.

Now, as a kid, I was never fond of going to school. In fact, there were times when I was downright terrified. So I was doing my best to talk and console and convince Aubrey that going to school would be fun. Here was some the exchange:

Dad: “Aubrey…everyone in your class will miss you. They will say ‘where’s Aubrey at today?'”

Aubrey, after two days of kindergarten: “No they won’t…they don’t even know my name!”

Dad, knowing she’s right b/c they can never remember each other’s names at the beginning of Kindergarten: “Ok…but they will say, ‘where’s that girl with the pretty brown hair?!'”

That didn’t work.

Colin ran to the bus stop…because once again, after all of this, we were running late…and we told the bus driver he would be riding alone today. After some time, Lynda was able to get Aubrey to agree to go to school. I think offering gum for the ride home and putting her blanky in her book bag helped the process. She was at school about 10 minutes after the bell.

So…thankfully, it’s Friday and we have two days to catch a breath. We’ll give this all a try again on Monday morning!

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